The IHSDTA is committed to our mission: To support the development of a positive self worth in everyone involved in dance-students, teachers, parents, and community. We are constantly engaged in a search to elevate the level of opportunity for students in dance education and performance.

Our goal is not only to provide a venue to showcase outstanding high school and junior high school dance teams but also to provide an experience that excites, motivates, and rewards programs on all levels.

Our invitational events are open to all high school and junior high school teams who apply on a first come first served basis.

What we promise our membership teams:

  • An adjudicator panel that has the education of your students foremost in their minds
  • A professionally run event that offers you and your students the most worry-free supportive environment possible
  • Pre-event information that will take the surprises out of competition day
  • A judicator tapes and score sheet commentary that you can use as an educational tool for your team’s growth
  • An awards program that provides dignity for the efforts invested by your program
  • Events that offer your students the chance to witness some of the best teams in Indiana and the United States
  • A positive atmosphere and knowledgeable audience that provides encouragement and support and promotes camaraderie.


Since 2003 the IHSDTA has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to
outstanding seniors from our membership schools.

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