The IHSDTA is always looking for qualified individuals to join our pool of talented judges. Naturally, performance experience is a huge plus, and having a working knowledge of as many genres as possible is key. As a judge, you’ll be expected to have a knowledgeable opinion on dance team and solos and ensembles both regionally and nationally. Ultimately, assignments will depend on the level-and breadth-of your dance knowledge and experience.

Judges must have the ability to analyze, compare and rank. They should understand production and choreography and need to differentiate between smart theatrics and poor technique. They must be familiar with which techniques and performance levels correspond to the appropriate divisions, as well as take notes, give corrections and offer constructive criticism to performers. Teams need to know why they were given the scores and placements they received. This means that judges need to be able to verbalize into a recorder while evaluating each performance.

If you find yourself constantly encouraging others, giving corrections in an inspiring way or watching dance all day, judging in the IHSDTA may be the perfect job for you! Examine the things that you enjoy in life:

  • Writing?
  • Critiquing?
  • Being organized?

While becoming a competition judge isn’t easy, with the right skills, you can make it happen. Interested candidates should complete an application or contact our judge coordinator.


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