Founded… in May of 1994, the IHSDTA is recognized as one of the fastest growing state dance team organizations in the country. Our first call out meeting was held at Hamilton Southeastern High School and attended by less than 20 directors. Since this historical meeting, we have experienced tremendous growth. The IHSDTA now organizes 12 consecutive weekends of competitions throughout our state. Our competitions average over 100 performances each weekend. Our State Championship features over 150 finalist performances and, nearly 6,000 spectators.

Philosophy… The IHSDTA has chosen competition as its method of organizing student activities in pursuit of high standards of achievement. We maintain that competition is only the means, subject to whatever controls are necessary to serve the true end – the participants.

Thus, the IHSDTA is organized and administered on the principle that its leaders are professionals teaching by example both in and out of the competitive arena. As mature persons, IHSDTA leaders know that students learn life attitudes from all the observations of and inter-actions with those adults who are their models.

What we do… We provide uniform rules of competition enabling teams: – to compete anywhere in Indiana subject to familiar environments, – to provide training and development, insuring quality and consistent adjudication throughout the state, – to encourage greater participation in dance team activities, – to offer invitationals for evaluation of team, solo and ensemble performances, – to provide training and development of directors and students through workshops and clinics, – to attain a common understanding of the goals to be achieved as a result of participating in dance education.

Non-Discrimination… The IHSDTA treats every participant as a unique individual possessing inherent dignity on his/her own. All participants are regarded as worthy human beings, equally deserving of our available time, thoughts and energy.

Thus, the IHSDTA does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, national orgin, or cultural background. Its activities are based on the credo that all participants and program styles start with equal opportunity for success.


Since 2003 the IHSDTA has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to
outstanding seniors from our membership schools.

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