A. The IHSDTA is the official dance association for Indiana. The IHSDTA was organized in 1994 to contribute to the cultural responsibility of providing a safe and fair arena to showcase the talents of our high school and middle school dance teams.

A. The IHSDTA is a coach based management organization. The elected officials of our Executive Board are delegated the responsibility of the daily management of the IHSDTA from the members of the Board of Directors.   Each board member team has an equal voice in all board elections and constitutional proceedings.

A.  All coaches have an equal vote on revisions of competition rules.  Coaches are encouraged to submit rule proposal that govern the IHSDTA through the Proposal Form listed on our website under “Contact Us”.

A.  The IHSDTA is not funded through any governing body.  In order for our students to enjoy what our sports teams and other extra curricular activities have enjoyed in Indiana for decades, it is essential for each team to pay annual dues.  This process is consistent with other non-funded organization in Indiana such as the IHSCGA and IPA.  Members of the IHSDTA enjoy reduced fees for competitions and special events such as the Annual Directors/Students Fall Conference.

A. The membership coaches of the IHSDTA have elected an independent coordinator to oversee all training and scheduling of judges. Questions regarding judging should be sent to kberheide@elkhart.k12.in.us

A. The IHSDTA sponsors 10-12 weekends of local invitationals, Regional Championships and the State Championship. Most often, there is a competition within 2-3 hours of your school. If you would like to learn how to host a competition in your area, please call the IHSDTA at 219.365.6533 or email us at office@ihsdta.org.

A. Each team must compete in a minimum of four (High School) three (Junior High) IHSDTA approved invitationals prior to the Regional Championship to participate in Regionals. The number of teams to qualify per site is based upon the percentage of entries for each site.


Since 2003 the IHSDTA has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to
outstanding seniors from our membership schools.

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